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Support of partner companies on the Slovak pharmaceutical market consists of two five-member teams of sales representatives, supervised by a regional manager and operating throughout the entire Slovak Republic. In each of the 5 established regions, the representatives visit pharmacies with a portfolio of selected products from partner companies. We are currently actively cooperating with approximately 1,650 pharmacies throughout the entire Slovak Republic.

The entire sales team for the Slovak Republic, that means the regional manager and the sales representatives are regularly trained in professional know-how either by you directly or in accordance with your requirements for professional competency. The team is also thoroughly trained in sales and negotiation skills.

The orders produced by our independent business team are carried out in cooperation with the most important distributors in the Slovak Republic:
• Phoenix zdravotnicke zásobovanie, a. s.
• Unipharma Prievidza 1. slovenská lekárenska a. s.
• Inforama, a. s.
• MED-ART, s. r. o.
• Sanitas-SR, a. s.
• UNIMED, s. r. o.
• INTERPHARM Slovakia, a. s.
• JUVAMED, s. r. o.
The produced transfer order is delivered by one of the above mentioned distributors, always following the preferences of the pharmacy.

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