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The vision of the company TEAM 4 YOU s.r.o. is to provide customers with the optimum solutions to needs in the area of outsourcing of sales and medical teams as well as a comprehensive offer of marketing services that will effectively supplement the effort at addressing the end consumer during contact with the professional community (doctors, pharmacy personnel or other medical facility personnel), as well as in the form of support in media and other communication channels. It is very important for us to provide our customers with services that will lead to the end result of increasing their competitiveness on the market and increased efficiency. We want to cooperate closely with our customers over the long term, inspire them and share with them our verified experience.

The verified basis of success in the area of sales and product support is close and intense cooperation between the marketing and sales departments. An important role, however, is also played by the opinion of the expert/doctor (who sets the treatment and influences the final decision of the patient regarding the purchase of medicine, dietary supplements or health accessories), who is regularly and fully informed regarding the products of the company, their benefits and active ingredients so that in the course of recommendation of the products we represent to their patients, they are convinced of the fact that they are recommending the best and most effective solution to their patients. For companies focused more on sales, we analyze and propose solutions to make sales activities achieve the maximum effect even with low advertising and marketing investments.

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