TEAM 4 YOU spustilo promoakce v lékárna po celé ČR

At TEAM 4 YOU® we are always looking for new activities that will positively influence sales of partner products and improve the standing of partners on the pharmaceutical market, as well as in the awareness of the end customer. It is also for this reason that the project of Promo-events in pharmacies was created and the purpose of which is to ensure personal contact with partner companies and consumers directly at the point of sale.

Today, great emphasis is placed on personal recommendation, explanation of functions and the essence of a product. The promoter has the opportunity to engage the end customer, explain to him the benefits of product being promoted and give him exhaustive information which often the company is not able to communicate to the customer in any other way; not even through targeted advertising in media or television. Promotional events are carried out by a trained team of hostesses and promoters who go through professional training for the products themselves or product lines as well as through training in sales and communication skills.

The team of 13 hostesses and promoters (operating in the Czech Republic) talks to people in pharmacies in big cities with higher purchasing power and a statistically supported orientation toward sales in pharmacies; for example in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava, Český Budějovice, Plzen, Karlový Vary, Liberec and others. We also currently offer promotional event services in the pharmacy chain Pharmaland, and that at 101 pharmacies located predominantly in shopping centers or in city centers. Depending on the requirements of the partner, it is of course possible to select a location or the number of promoters and hostesses, and there is also the option of consultation with the Promo-event project manager to create a proposal based on the numeric or financial requirements of the partner company.

Checking the course of and evaluating promotional events is carried out in several ways. The promotional events are visited by the project manager who supervises the correctness of the presentation, the visual aspect as well as the cooperation of the hostess/promoter with the employees of the given pharmacy. The promo team also cooperates with the sales representatives of TEAM 4 YOU® s.r.o. Representatives within the framework of the planned visits to pharmacies in their regions visit these promotional events and are potentially on hand to assist in communication with the pharmacy personnel, secure the products, samples or POS materials etc., for the event. The activity of the promo team is subsequently evaluated by a selected employee of the pharmacy who can evaluate the effort and communication abilities of the promoter or hostess, the correctness of the content of the presentation for customers and the overall impression as well as the affect on sales results on the day of the presentation.

Promotional events are an appropriate marketing and sales tool not just for introducing new products on the market. They also have their justification, for example, when used for seasonal sales of products, re-launching of products and product lines, or in presenting innovations or carrying out surveys of customer product awareness. Promo events are a non-aggressive form of personal contact with the end consumer, with the opportunity of influencing the consumer’s purchasing behavior. That is why today these events are a much sought after marketing activity of pharmaceutical companies.

If you are interested in learning more about the Promo-events project, please contact Jana Hrdličková, tel.: +420 774 790 337 or via email:

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