Nezávislý obchodní tým

In the Czech Republic our business team consists of 8 business representatives managed by the regional manager for the Czech Republic; they operate in more than 2.200 pharmacies in the whole of the Czech Republic. Each of the served pharmacies is at least once in 4 weeks visited in person. The business team also includes telephone operators promoting your brand by telephone. Regional manager, business representatives, and telephone operators are regularly trained in professional knowledge either directly by you or exernally following your requirements on professional qualification. The teams are continuously trained in sales and negotiation skills as well.

Business representatives are managed and lead by the regional manager, every day they comprehensively report on their activities including confirmation of the visited pharmacies (in electronic form). The client can participate in a regular meeting of the business team and use this opportunity to consult and evaluate performed sales and marketing activities.

The orders produced by our independent business team are carried out in cooperation with the most important distributors in the Czech Republic:

• Alliance Healthcare, s. r. o.
• Pharmos, a.s.
• PHOENIX lékárenský velkoobchod, a.s.
• Gehe Pharma Praha, spol. s r.o.

The produced transfer order is delivered by one of the above mentioned distributors, always following the preferences of the pharmacy.

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